Aug. 1st, 2011

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The Hour House

The Lab

The Military Science Army had been in place for years. In all the years since its institution it had never been so well funded as it was under Madgelie’s reign. It was mandatory that they give a report to the Empress. Shortly after the year anniversary of Madgelie’s coronation, three commanding officers of the MSA came forward to present their achievements. Madgelie sat back in her chair eyes fixed on Alfred as he slid a folder across her desk.

“I was expecting a more substantial report, Commander Prufrock. This time machine I see here is all theory, plans, nothing more,” she said opening the thin file. “Is this all I’m getting?”

“I was hoping you’d approve of seeing a demonstration. Some of the additional data and calculations were too valuable to be moved from their secure location,” Alfred said.

She didn’t speak immediately, just looked up at him, her mouth open slightly.

“Where is it located?” she asked.

“Schrödinger’s Villa, Your Excellency.”

She leaned back in her chair and looked over the files again in disbelief )
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I was going to designate Friday as my project bumping/recommend stuff to me day, but I'll make it today this week.

For those who have yet to hear, [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith is having a Poetry Fishbowl tomorrow. Drop by and support!

And once again, I feel I must bump jackshoegazer over at ICONOMICON!. Help a graphic designer in love afford a wedding! And maybe get the coolest icon or banner you can ever hope to have out of the deal. :)

And I'm open to reading more, so I'm taking recommendations for other online works. I tend to lean more towards science fiction and fantasy, but I'm open to reading just about anything.


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