Aug. 7th, 2011

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The Doorstep

“You know your brother needs to those samples,” she said. “So just…come back alive, okay?”

“I’m on it, Madge. Have some confidence in me,” he answered. She breathed deeply and put her hands in her pockets. Madgelie primarily communicated in sighs when Gilbert and Alfred were involved. Gilbert headed over to Gringolet and patted his side. Around the bael’s neck was a finished voice box. It was a prototype, but it worked.

“So… you think we can do this?” he asked Gringolet. The output was static for a moment.

“It’s not like you to doubt yourself,” Gringolet responded in a crackly monotone. Gilbert grinned every time Gringolet spoke.

“Let’s get going then,” Gilbert said climbing on. He pulled at his helmet straps, put on his facemask and plucked the bowstring. He then carefully lay both arrows across his lap and studied them, looking for defects. The arrows were more like long syringes that were going to extract samples from the monster. The creature itself was made up of incredibly dense dark matter and nothing existed that could hold it until recently. Alfred explained to his brother the more complex points of making a crystal that let off an energy buffer that would be unaffected by the density of dark matter. The ends of the arrows were fashioned with dark matter to pierce the creature’s skin. Attached to the hollow arrow shaft was a crystal globe that was covered with a highly magnetized sheet of metal. Gilbert could draw it back from a distance using a magnetized glove.

Shooting, out maneuvering the creature, and retrieving the arrows was going to be a tough job, but the pair of intrepid fliers had few worries. If they stopped to think about it too long, they would hesitate so they only acted. Taking to the sky, they headed for the creature’s current location. It wasn’t far, only a few miles away, amid the ruins of what was the largest metropolis in the country.

The creature was huge: a lumbering mass with stubbly legs )


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