Aug. 10th, 2011

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Asa and Breydon woke up in the morning to bright sunshine and Karen’s singing. Asa yawned while his older brother growled and got up to poke his head out the door. Karen was skipping down the hall in her flannel night gown.

“What’s the big fuss, can’t you deafen another unsuspecting family?” he grumbled. She hugged her older brother.

“Only one more week until school!” she sang and twirled away down the hall. Breydon groaned and Asa sighed. School. It was something that neither of them looked forward to but Karen lived for it. She had already spent the past few days in the library getting a head start on the reading.

“Crazy girl,” Breydon said. “I’m going to be a mercenary, what do I need to know about books for?”

Asa didn’t say anything, but stumbled out of bed and got dressed. Karen and his father seemed to be the only ones in the house who did a morning routine in reverse. Instead of washing up and getting dressed and then eating breakfast, they ate breakfast and then washed up and got dressed. As Asa and Breydon came down, Karen, Father and Mom were setting the table.

“Children, your father officially has his course plotted and will be ready to leave the first week of spring,” Mom announced. The three of them groaned.

Dad, you’ll miss the Welkin return )


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