Aug. 17th, 2011

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School began without much of a hitch. Mrs. Wilder opened up the school house and the children begrudgingly filed in. They were joined this term by a few new children from the Pescada tribe. Karen was in the same study level as Breydon, and Breydon was on an eighth year study level. Asa was on a second year study level and Cheryl was third year. The three Forster siblings would wait for the children from the Pescada tribe to show up. Kipper, Bream and Cheryl would appear with a few of the other children from the watery deep. Kipper was a year older than Breydon, and Bream was the same age as the human boy. They all would trek together to the school house in town and meet up with the other children from town and a few of the surrounding villages in the yard.

Asa generally stayed with Cheryl, Kip or Bream throughout the day. The other boys in school would rapture on and on about how great at sports Breydon was and Karen was often busy reading during school breaks. Thadius was often sick but when he was at school, Asa liked him. Breydon was also good friends with Thadius, but the older boy was often wary of Thadius’ sister. Alana and her friends didn’t sit well wiht Asa, mostly because she was a strange breed of girl that he had grown to be frightened of.

It was a fairly normal day; winter was winding down, and Asa had worn a lighter jacket. Karen, Breydon and Asa had all went down to the beach after helping their mother set up shop at the bakery. Karen sat on a rock reading, while Asa and Breydon raced back and forth along the sand bars. The Pescada children would be arriving soon, and sure enough, they all started rising from the waves. Cheryl ran ahead of her brothers and ran over to Asa.

“Hey, Ace. Did you finish your homework?” she asked. He sighed deeply.

“Yeah, I did. How about you?” he replied.

You know how I feel about homework )


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